Lucinda Devlin

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Camera: Hasselblad 2 1/4 square format  
Print type: Chromogenic


Camera on a tripod, long exposures. The pictures are taken with available light - this is any light that is present in the scene (no added artificial light) It might include daylight, tungsten, fluorescent alone or in combination. Color film is balanced for a particular light source. The film I use is balanced for tungsten, therefore it should record tungsten light somewhat accurately. However, tungsten balanced film will record daylight as cyan (blue/green) and fluorescent light as more green. So you can see the difficulties which might arise if more than one light source exists. These difficulties become more pronounced with the long exposures because color shifts (in the way the film responds to light) may occur. I do not use color correction filters on the camera since you can only make a correction for one light source and not the others which may exist in the scene. I do all color correcting in the printing by changing the color filtration on the enlarger. Sometimes, all color shifts can be corrected to make the image "appear" normal. But, if two light sources exist one has to make a decision as to which one to correct for. This makes for colors in some pictures which you would not see with your eye in the original scene. Ex. Arkansas-red, Illinois--cyan Color serves as a compositional element and can appear as a plane of color that only exists in the photograph.

- Lucinda Devlin