Joseph Marioni at Kolumba
Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne

Oct 1, 2010 - Jul 31, 2011


The new installation at the KOLUMBA art museum presents six paintings by Joseph Marioni from their permanent collection. This installation is the fourth presentation in the new Peter Zumthor building and will remian on view until July 31, 2011.


25 November 2010, 6 p.m.
Artist Discussion with Joseph Marioni
(The discussion will take place in English)

The paintings of the American Joseph Marioni (born 1943) run like a red thread through the current exhibition "Noli me tangere". With paintings from 1973 to 2003, among them the "Triptych" of 1995, Marioni's painting may be experienced here as if in a retrospective show. His work as a painter centers on concepts such as paint, color, material, body, space, movement, touch, balance, and light. The discussion with the artist, who will be here from New York, will be devoted to these concepts and also deal with issues pertaining to his most recent paintings. You are cordially invited to attend.